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Coastline WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

Corner WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

Benson WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

Lense WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

Eclecticon WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

Hellomouse WordPress template


Portfolio / Photography

True North WordPress template

True North

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Show Off Your Work with Our Top Portfolio & Photography Themes

Want a great online space for your photos and art? With WordPress being popular among photographers and artists, having the right theme is key to showing off your work.

Our Themes at a Glance

  • For Wedding Snaps: Benson is perfect for wedding photographers. It makes special moments look even more beautiful.
  • Deep Dives: With Lense and Eclecticon, viewers can really dive into your photos and see all the small details.
  • Clean and Simple: Hellomouse has a simple design with great features, perfect for those who like a less-is-more look.
  • Free and Fab: Starting out and on a budget? Our free theme, True North, will get you going without costing a penny.

Making Your Photos Tell a Story

Our themes aren’t just pretty. They help tell your story:

  • Different Ways to View: With gallery options in Coastline or sliding photos in Lense, your audience will enjoy seeing your work in various ways.
  • Make It Yours: Themes like Hellomouse and Eclecticon are easy to change up. Whether you’re using Elementor or the WordPress block editor, you can make the theme fit your style.
  • Connect More: Easily add your social media and let folks see more of your work and what you’re up to.

Common Questions

  • What’s a Portfolio/Photography Theme? It’s a ready-to-use design for photographers and artists to show their work on WordPress.
  • How are these different from regular themes? They focus on showing photos and art. They have things like big photo galleries and special ways to view pictures, which normal themes might not have.
  • Can I use Elementor with these themes? Yep! All our themes work with popular tools like Elementor. It’s a drag-and-drop tool that makes customizing easy.
  • What if I want to use the WordPress block editor? No problem. Our themes work well with both Elementor and the WordPress block editor.
  • Will these look good on mobile? For sure! Lots of people look at websites on their phones, so our themes look great and work well on all devices.

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